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The handling of unused material is known as waste management. The waste management system encompasses of two factors that is recycling and composting. The use of these two factors depends on the transformation of the waste. Both processes have their own way to manage unused material. According to material, the type of waste management is used.

Effect on environment

Anything can be turned into waste product like food, newspaper, and debris of construction, bottles, leaves, old cars, diapers, radioactive materials or candy wrappers. With pace in human growth, waste material has shown great increment. This creates hazards effects on our environment. This problem has taken complex form. Recognizing situation, governments as well as people are more focused on waste management system. To solve such a complex problem, brisbane rubbish collection  can be highly effective. To judge its effectiveness, you can log into https://www.cheapaskips.com.au/  .

Prime objective

One of the prime objectives of management is the protection of public and environment from hazards effects of waste. In some cases, waste materials are not hazardous, but if they are not managed in proper way then it can be harmful. This has become the global issues and to solve it, each individual has to feel his or her responsibility. Governments and agencies are works at different level for the management of the waste. Even, government has set different rules to bring discipline in the society. Along with efforts, these agencies organize awareness program for rubbish skips Brisbane  .

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