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static dissipative pp strap

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static dissipative pp strap

Made from % rubber material, use in strapping trays for transportation. Black Static Dissipative PP Strap. Made from % PP material, it is widely use in packaging of Jdec tray for transportation, the materail can withstand high temperature in oven for baking process. Request a Quote.

Electrostatic Control > Straps/Bands > Antistatic PP Strap : Product Code: STSTPAW/STSTPAW Material: Polypropylene Co-Polymer Specification: Surface Resistivity to ohm/sq Decay Test- Less than second (Meet MIL Specs MIL-BB Decay test) Color: White Size: ...

STATIC DISSIPATIVE PLATES. PC - Polycarbonated Plate. PMMA - Acrylic Plate. PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride Plate. Features & Benefits. - Made from clear plastic sheet with ESD coating on both surface. - Good Surface Resistivity of e - ohms/square. - Superior Abrasion and Chemical Resistance. - Standard Size: m X m & m X m.

The grounding strap is made of carbon-loaded polypropylene material that allows the charge to safely travel from the outside of the ESD tube, through the strap, to ground. The strap is manufactured with a series of holes that can be used to ground the ESD charge or to connect additional grounding straps.

Our products include: Static Dissipative Mats, Foot Grounders, Grounding Cord, Wrist Straps, Clinch Snap, ESD Gloves, and Brushes. Our durable yet light weight ESD Wrist Straps will keep their electrical continuity even with an open buckle. The Heel and Toe Grounders will dissipate a charge from , volt to zero in just seconds.

Antistatic PP Strap. Static Dissipative PP Strap. Conductive Corrugated Boxes. Injection Modled Container. ESD Vacuum Forming Sheet/Tray. ESD Film. Static Dissipative Clear Film (Thin) Static Dissipative Clear Film with Adhesive. Static Dissipative Clear Film with Hot Melt Glue.

Dissipative PP Long Handled Pointed Tip Tweezers Anti Static ESD Plastic ^ - ^ . Product Description for Anti Static ESD plastic tweezer: Anti static ESD plastic tweezer is made of mixtured material from carbon fiber and dissipative plastic,surface resistance is less than ohms.

//&#;&#;Key Features. Our antistatic PP strapping band presents a resistance value of around ~ ohms and it has been using in domestic and international IC tray packaging industry a lot, such as Elpida and ASE. And it can be customized for any assignable colors and trademark-printing as well.

Specification. Product name: Static Dissipative PP sheet. Brand: DESU. Origin: Shanghai, China Width: mm Thickness: mm Weight: kg/roll Shape ...

Static Dissipative PP Strap. Material: Polypropylene polymer. Color: Black. Permanent ESD property Suitable for fully-auto machine. Standard size:: mm(W) x ,m(L) mm(W) x ,m(L) ESD Transportation & Storage. Conductive Grid Tape; Antistatic Clear Tape; ESD Rubber Bands; ESD Special Rubber Band s;

Statex is a resilient static dissipative material that serves as an electrical barrier to both insulate and protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge. Constructed from durable Formex polypropylene, this proprietary formula offers exceptional dielectric strength, moisture resistance and dimensional stability, while meeting strict safety and environmental standards.

TAKO ASTATIC TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD No, Jalan Kesuma /, Bandar Tasik Kesuma, Beranang, Selangor, Malaysia. TEL: + FAX: +

Static Dissipative PP Strap. Material : Polypropylene polymer Color : Black Permanent ESD property Suitable for fully-auto machine Standard size : mm(W) x ,m(L) : mm(W) x ,m(L) Products - Medical Packaging - Cleanroom Packaging - ESD Packaging - ESD Transportation ...

We manufacture three types of ESD protecting material: conductive, antistatic and dissipative for minimizing or eliminating damaging static discharge. Our ESD-materials are very durable. They are available with a hard surface Wellplast &#; ESD, and Wellplast &#; ESD SOFT for added surface protection and Wellplast &#; Flexi SOFT ESD which is stiff in one direction and flexible in the other.

Our black dissipative conductive rubber bands are made with vulcanized natural rubber. The surface resistivity is e ohms/sq. With a static decay rate of less than seconds. Black conductive rubber bands have an esd shelf life as permanent, washable and reusable. Our pink anti-static rubber bands are also vulcanized natural rubber, and have ...

ESD antistatic PP strap - Jiamin Packaging Products Made In Taiwan, China, Taiwan Manufacturer. Anti-static PP strapping band presents a resistance value of around ~ ohms and it has been using in domestic and international IC packaging and IC testing industries. It can be customized for any assignable colors and trademark-printing as well.

Black Static Dissipative PP Strap. Size : mm x mm. Colour : Black. Size : mm x m/roll. Surface resistance : E - E Ohm. Overview. Made from quality polypropylene imprenated with concentrated antistratic solution. It is commonly use for strapping of ESD tray in the production line for transportation purpose.

(Static Dissipative PP Strap) :

Static Dissipative PP Strap is compatible with most strapping machines and has excellent electrical properties. Suitable for strapping of IC trays/tubes during burn-in

Materials that offer ideal electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection ( Ohms/sq) are at the low end of the static dissipative range. Our CCX Conductive Masterbatches are specially formulated for ESD protection and are available in four distinct additive technologies: Stainless Steel Fiber, Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Black, and PermaStat &#; dissipative polymer technology.

Standard Size. mm (w) x ,m (L) mm (w) x ,m (L)

Static Dissipative PP strap is dedicated to semiconductor, IC testing, and IC packaging industries. We provide mm - mm width ESD control PP straps for par...

Static Dissipative PP strap is dedicated to semiconductor, IC testing, and IC packaging industries. We provide full range of ESD control PP straps for partic...

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