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the politics of social protection

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the politics of social protection

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the politics of social protection

Mar , &#;&#;Mohamed, Tahira Shariff and Porisky, Alesha and Muthui, Patrick Mutinda, The Politics of Social Protection in Kenya: State Capacity, Political Competition and Social Pension Registration in Marsabit County (January , ). ESID Working Paper No ().

The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa. November . Publisher: Oxford University Press. ISBN: . Project: The Political Economy of Social Protection Systems.

Jan , &#;&#;The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa Edited by Sam Hickey, Tom Lavers, Miguel Nino-Zarazua, and Jeremy Seekings WIDER Studies in Development Economics. An in-depth analysis of the context of social protection in sub-Saharan Africa; Includes original and in-depth case-study research

Social protection is commonly understood as ... capacity, and politics. Current evidence gaps are: () scaling up social protection coverage to the national level in low-income countries; and () extending social protection into fragile states and difficult environments. D.

The politics of social protection in Eastern and Southern Africa. Actors, institutions and dynamics. Since the mids, there has been in Africa something of a quiet revolution in poverty reduction strategies with the proliferation of social assistance programmes that entail cash transfers to the poor. The past two decades have also ...

Up to%cash back&#;&#;However, politics has not been accorded a significant role in thinking and policy-making around social protection in Sub-Saharan Africa. The dominance of economics in this field has encouraged a more technocratic focus on social protection, thus overlooking the key role of politics and political economy in raising and shaping this agenda (Niles ...

The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa. The notion that social protection should be a key strategy for reducing poverty in developing countries has now been mainstreamed within international development policy and practice. Promoted as an integral dimension of the post-Washington Consensus that emerged around the turn ...

The politics of distributing social protection in Bangladesh: Insights from the Primary Education Stipends Project (Phase ) Download pdf. Working paper . Naomi Hossain.

The political economy of social protection Phase the political economy of social protection expansion in Africa Objectives. This research analyses the political economy of social protection policy formulation and implementation in sub-Saharan Africa, with a

May , &#;&#;Politics Public Policy and Social Protection in Africa Africa is now in a much-improved position to support its poor and vulnerable people. It has more money, more policy commitment and abundant intervention programmes. Yet the number of citizens living lives of desperation, or at risk of destitution, is at an all-time high, and still rising.

This article argues that politics needs to be at the centre of efforts to understand social protection and outlines a new conceptual framework for investigating this, with a particular focus on explaining the variation in progress made by low income countries in adopting and implementing social protection.

Apr , &#;&#;The growing literature on social protection in low income developing countries has tended to focus on definitional debates, policy design and impact evaluations, with relatively little consideration of the ways in which politics shape policy.

The politics of promoting social protection in Uganda: A comparative analysis of social cash transfers and social health insurance / Badru Bukenya and Sam Hickey -- . Social assistance, electoral competition, and political branding in Malawi / Sam Hamer and Jeremy Seekings -- .

Aug , &#;&#;Social protection programmes, such as cash transfer programmes, are rapidly expanding in Africa. In principle, social programs are designed to alleviate poverty, and there is evidence that they can have a positive welfare impact. Yet social programs can also be subject to intense political manipulation, which can undermine their potential benefits. A crucial question, therefore, []

May , &#;&#;The long-standing divide between universal and residual approaches in the field of social policy is also evident in the emerging agenda around social protection. Underpinning this divide are contrasting worldviews. Arguments in favour of residual approaches are frequently couched in a market-centred discourse that stresses efficiency, incentives and a cost-benefit calculus, while those ...

Jan , &#;&#;Source: UNU-WIDERs Social Assistance, Politics, and Institutions (SAPI) database. While the vast majority of research on social protection in Africa

Sep , &#;&#;Politics and Economy. Year: . tags: Political economy. Social protection. Over the past two decades, social protection has become an integral part of antipoverty policy strategies in the Global South, signalling a major shift in development thinking, moving away from traditional food aid and fuel and commodity subsidies towards more ...

Aug , &#;&#;Lavers, T, Hickey, S () Conceptualising the politics of social protection expansion in low income countries: The intersection of transnational ideas and domestic politics. International Journal of Social Welfare : . Google Scholar | Crossref

Aug , &#;&#;Despite growing international interest with social protection, little is known about the forms of politics that tend to underpin - and emerge from - such interventions. For example, under what conditions do governments and political elites implement and sustain social protection policies?

Aug , &#;&#;The persisting levels of poverty, inequality and unemployment will continue raise pertinent questions for the political settlement, especially regarding the extension (permanent) of the means-tested and pro-poor social assistance programme to those aged between , who are not covered by any social protection schemes.

Combining case-study analyses of poverty drivers, investigations of social protection practices, and an analysis of the politics of social protection, it will develop a new integrated framework for conceptualizing vulnerability and social protection programs.

Social protection is defined as the set of policies and programs designed to reduce poverty and vulnerability by promoting efficient labor markets, diminishing peoples exposure to risks, and enhancing their ... access to justice gender, age, social status, or political affiliation.

Ensuring income security is arguably the defining task of social protection. But as Linda Luckhaus points out in Equal treatment, social protection and in-come security for women, the ability of social protection to provide an ad-equate and reliable source of income for

Thinking about social protection from a contractual perspective offers strong insights into the politics of how social protection is practiced in particular places, particularly in terms of the centrality of state-society relations. It can also help to identify the extent to which such contracts are

Jan , &#;&#;(). The politics of social protection expenditure and financing in southern Africa. Development Southern Africa: Vol. , Social protection in southern Africa: New opportunities for social development, pp. .

The politics of social protection in Kenya: State capacity, political competition and social pension registration in Marsabit County In theory, the implementation of social assistance programmes, including the Inua Jamii social pension, is meant to be uniform across the entire country. There is a set

Nov , &#;&#; November Printable Version. Rabat - The government is committed to implementing, in , the plan to generalize social protection, launched by HM King Mohammed VI, said, Wednesday in Rabat, Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch. In a statement to the press on the sidelines of a government meeting he chaired on social policies, Akhannouch ...

The politics of social protection: what do we get from a social contract approach? The aim of this paper is to give critical consideration to the claims made on behalf of a social contract approach to the politics of social protection, and to start working through the implications of

The political processes behind the inclusion of the lowest income sectors in policies of social protection in Latin America, and, more often, their exclusion from such policies, has seldom been an explicit focus of academic discussion.

The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa challenges the common conception that this phenomenon has been entirely driven by international development agencies, instead focusing on the critical role of political dynamics within specific African countries. It details how the power and politics at multiple levels of ...

At the turn of the millennium, social protection became a new priority for both states of the global South and international development policy more generally. As, in the past, social protection policies were considered unsuitable for development countries, the elevation of social protection to the level of a preferred instrument of development marks a fundamental paradigm shift.

social protection policy framework that is at an advanced stage. There is surprisingly little scholarship on the political economy of social protection in Uganda, yet there is growing evidence that politics plays a central role in shaping social protection initiatives than has hitherto been recognised (Hickey, ). This study sets to

Apr , &#;&#;The Politics of Social Protection in Africa . The politics of social protection in Africa Transfer Project Workshop, Arusha, April Sam Hickey, Research Director, ESID Professor, Global Development Institute, Manchester Joint research with

Abstract There have been growing calls to reframe the politics of poverty reduction and of social protection in particular, in terms of extending the social contract to the poorest groups.

days ago&#;&#;Protection is a term that sounds somewhat alien to those who have come of age before the great crises of the early twenty-first century. During the period of triumphant neoliberalism, state protection and in particular social protection and trade protectionism was decried as paternalistic and an obstacle to freedom and innovation.

The politics of promoting social protection in Zambia. Open full report. The rise of the social protection agenda in Zambia over the past few years seems in some ways to fit with mainstream accounts of how welfare states are likely to emergein developing countries, particularly in terms of the links to elections and pro-poor political parties.

Feb , &#;&#;Today, Craig is going to talk about social policy - in the United States this means achieving one of three goals: protecting Americans from risk, promoting e...

. Pushing for Policy Innovation: The Framing of Social Protection Policies in Tanzania Marianne S. Ulriksen . Policy Diffusion, Domestic Politics, and Social Assistance in Lesotho, Maria Granvik Saminathen . The Politics of Promoting Social

Jun , &#;&#;The study of minimum income protection has lagged behind that of social insurance programmes in part because social assistance appears less salient and less central to the politics of the welfare state, and in part for lack of good, reliable comparative data.

Sep , &#;&#;Politics matter in the selection of social protection instruments. The popularity of PWPs may be linked in part to political and organisational interests as well as concerns about programme outcomes, and political dynamics can lead to inflated expectations about impact if programme design and institutional capacity are not given adequate attention.

Jul , &#;&#;The Emotional Politics of Social Work and Child Protection, Joanna Warner, Bristol, Policy Press, , pp. , ISBN , &#; (pb) Mike Titterton. Mike Titterton NSPCC Child Protection Research Centre, University of Edinburgh. E-mail: [email protected] Search for other works by this author on: ...

The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa Edited by Sam Hickey, Tom Lavers, Miguel Nino-Zarazua, and Jeremy Seekings WIDER Studies in Development Economics. An in-depth analysis of the context of social protection in sub-Saharan Africa ; Includes original and

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